What did Shahid Kapoor say for signing another Remake; Jersey?

what did shahid kapoor say on signing another remake; jersey?

When Shahid Kapoor was asked why he signed another remake. He said, “I’m a very nervous man with Kabir Singh done, not sure what the next move should be, what people are expecting. I sometimes feel like I can’t meet those expectations. I never wanted to do another remake. I wanted to do an original; people also shouldn’t think that’s all that I’m doing now. But I heard so much about it and the story just touched my heart because despite being based on cricket. It’s about a 36 years old man with a 6 years old son Who used to be a cricketer and left a long time ago, and at 36, for certain reasons, He decides to go back and do what he likes and is so passionate about. And what is most important to him.

I personally related to this story so much because I’m also 38 and sometimes even I used to contemplate ” there’s no blockbuster, should I re-think my career?”

That’s actually what I used to think and we all go through this at some point where we think, why can’t I get it. Am I doing something wrong? And then you start doing something else. You have to compromise somewhere and deep down, I believe if you’re passionate about something, keep doing it regardless of how much success you get because ultimately that’s what makes you happy so that’s the message of this film, I even cried 4 times while watching it and this character is nothing like Kabir Singh. He’s calm, quiet, and introverted.

But the intensity in his journey, at least I found very inspiring and I want to convey this to a larger audience because even I was there thinking. should I try something else? But this is all I know man. I like acting, I like movies. So I kept trying and this movie perfectly encapsulates it.

Jersey is a Hindi remake of the Telugu film of the same title. And it is released on 22 April 2022. It stars Mrunal Thakur alongside Shahid Kapoor in the lead roles.

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